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Ok to start with let me say that I have great deals of respect for much of the theories that people have come up with so far on this site. The closest to the mark in my opinion is "Man vs. Nature", a very well put concept. I also like the "Messages from the Future" idea and enjoy pondering such time line based deconstructions of the Lost plot.

So now to my thoughts:

The Lost writers seem to have a deep interest in Philosophy and Science. Much of the show so far has been evolving towards a heavily philosophical and scientific theme and most likely heading towards a conceptually philosophical scientific ending that will leave people with many questions. However most of the questions left to be asked after the shows final episode will not be questions of the show directly. I believe the writers are trying to deliver messages and lessons to the audience regarding the way we live, the way we see our own societies and our own existence and most importantly the way we see our relationship with earth. One heavily deeply philosophical question we should be asking ourselves when this is done will be, when did we as a species start to drift away from the earth as our mother and when did we allow our society to grow so ego-centric.

The early episodes introduced many religious and spiritual references and have continued to do so. From the first time we were exposed to the DHARMA initiative and the Hanso Foundation we have been flooded with evidence that one of the prominent religious or spiritual influences is Buddhism or a related faith. One thing that stands out to me about this is that in my opinion Buddhism, Paganism, Hinduism are all much like even more ancient religions. What these religions have in common are that they worship the feminine deity. In some cases they cut right to the point and simply worship Mother Nature, the greater being (earth) and its elements. All though do not fall under the patriarchal and male dominated religions that have really only come about in the last 3 thousand years and grown to power in the last 1500 years.

The knowledge that DHARMA may have religious ties to a feminine "mother earth" or "Gaian" set of beliefs and the evidence that suggests the work they are doing is in the greater good of not just the human race but of the entire planet and its health and wellbeing. Demonstrates that whoever DHARMA was or is they were doing what they believed to be very important work. Evidence that their studies were not simply related to the human psyche and genetics is clear with the studies that were obviously done on the polar bears. Genetically modifying polar bears to adapt to the tropical climate is research that could have a massive impact on environmental conservation as well as the human races ability to survive climate change. Another example that its not just about human experiments is with the shark and Walt’s dog Vincent are clearly regarded by DHARMA as highly intelligent or at least psychologically superior to other animals in a way that we are yet to comprehend. This also adds weight to the "Gaian" idea I mentioned when you think about what sort of scientists would be so willing to take the step into researching animal psychology expecting to find much higher levels of consciousness and intelligence than ever anticipated. Mainstream science would not expect such positive results from animals and would not really see the advantage to understanding and harnessing those animals cognitive power. I would take a different minded type of scientist to begin to research and understand the many different things they are trying to learn on the island.

You may argue that they simply want to be free from internationally recognised and suffocating moral guidelines that prevent much research from happening in the Western World today. This may be the case. However I believe that the DHARMA initiative and its parent company The Hanso Foundation were set up for the purpose of helping the world in some way, most likely in an attempt to save it. Perhaps by doing the research required to reconnect the human race to the earth’s greater cycle and to bring us back to our mother. Perhaps they simply want to create a genetically perfect human so they can find greater medicines or so on. That would not in my opinion fit with the fact that Buddhism is not just about self, it’s about the great whole. DHARMA, if Buddhist or something similar would see the human race as a species self amongst the greater whole of the planet and its life.

To close I would just like to say thanks for reading if you got this far and the fact I can philosophise so deeply into this show is exactly what I believe its writers are wanting us to do. Philosophy is getting lost in the modern era and shows like this will help us keep going on rambling out our ideas and theories. Lost truly is about showing the audience a rather scientifically philosophical way of thinking about its story and I think that’s what its all about.

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