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  • Lost Conclusions... and lost in time, more than 15 years go by, the Earth is on the verge of catastrophe, when Walter goes to the now teenage Aaron, Ji Yeon, Clementine
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    Last updated: Feb 25 2009, 6:21 PM EST by TheLostGirl
  • Lost Conclusions… Several individuals were summoned to the island. These special individuals are all links in a chain of very important events that will ultimately insure the survival of the human race. A catastrophic event will occur in the near future. It is up to these individuals to remain on the island which will be protected by a powerful electro magnetic field in combination with it laying on one of the most powerful ley lines on Earth. The coordinates of which are the numbers To keep from being discovered the island renders ill fate to anyone who stumbles upon the mystery of the numbers (such as Hugo). Poor beloved Claire, when she followed her father into the jungle, just after laying Aaron to rest safely in the greenery to be rescued by James, she died of internal injuries from the house explosion in New Othertown. When the Oceanic six made it off the Island they altered fate, and changed the course of time . Now summoned back they will join those who stayed to be tossed about through time. Desmond ends up back at the Island with Penny who joins Kate, Jack, and the rest. Dear sweet Walter, who quite possibly possesses the power of astral projection. While those who returned to the island remain ageless and lost in time, more than 15 yrs go by, the Earth is on the verge of catastrophe, when Walter goes to the now teenage Aaron, Ji Yeon, Clementine (James’ daughter), and Desmond's Son.The four of them join Walt in his return to the Island, with the help of Faraday. Once there, Vincent seeks Walt out, and leads them to their parents. These individuals were chosen for their strength and compassion to continue the human race on the ever so Atlantean Island, the new Pangaea, and so the world begins again with the Lost.
    Thread location: The End?
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    Posted: Feb 25 2009, 12:51 PM EST by TheLostGirl
  • "Lost" has lost its direction I was a fan of the program. I now find that it is a rambling hodge podge of rather boring and disjointed stories that, if they do lead to some sort of conclusion, it would appear, will take longer to unravel than I have the patience to ENDURE.
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    Posted: Feb 22 2007, 9:42 AM EST by Anonymous
  • The Helgus Antonius to record a conversation between Thomas Mittelwerk and a representative of Paik Heavy Industries . She came to the conclusion that it was Sri Lanka
    Last updated: Jan 22 2008, 4:31 PM EST by #1LostFan
  • Forbidden Planet (The Tempest) with her lover. What might these conclusions foreshadow about the final ending of Lost ?
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    Last updated: Oct 16 2007, 1:26 PM EDT by wetpaint
  • Time of Lost . Season 1: Sayid comes to the conclusion that the distress signal has been playing for 16 years. (" Pilot: Part 2 ") During
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    Last updated: Feb 6 2009, 6:57 PM EST by #1LostFan
  • Casimir Effect and Wormholes video at I did some LOST research on the Casimir Effect, mentioned in the video by "Dr. Halowax." I looked this information up
    Last updated: Dec 22 2007, 7:04 AM EST by #1LostFan
  • 3.03 "Further Instructions" of Boone , who leads him to the conclusion that he must first "clean up his own mess" if he is to rescue his friends from their various fates. He
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    Last updated: Oct 15 2007, 2:53 PM EDT by wetpaint
  • Good VS. Evil There can be no doubt that the level of connection between the various characters on lost decry coincidence. If coincidence is ruled out
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    Last updated: Oct 16 2007, 1:12 PM EDT by wetpaint
  • The Time Machine Theory - but they can't because the island can only be found by traveling back in time. Conclusions: LOST is about fate vs. free
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    Last updated: Feb 21 2009, 11:08 AM EST by LostFanAttic
  • 3.04 "Every Man For Himself" come to this conclusion since surely Desmond would have seen this second island whilst he was attempting to escape on his boat
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    Last updated: Oct 15 2007, 2:53 PM EDT by wetpaint
  • Lost cast portraits carved in wood! The only thing I can think of with the plane, is that when it crossed what I'm calling the Vortex, it actually ripped the plane into the two times. Causing one to be left on the island the Past side, and the other on the present time side.
    However, they are using the time thing quite liberally.
    I just realized something:
    The professor told Desmond to give him information in the past, and he had it in his notebook! Well, that would mean that Desmond was able to go BACKWARDS in time, to the point of the professor's younger self. And yet:
    When Jack and Kate are in a FUTURE to the island's time, they refer to the island in the past tense.
    That illogical writing has placed the island in the middle between the past, (of the Professor's younger self), the future, (Jack and Kate after a supposed rescue), and the island, in which Jack and Kate are still on the island, as is the professor.
    In conclusion: The writers have quite obviously taken such liberties with the laws of physics, that they are suggesting that there are 3 times existing at once.

    I believe that artistic license has become too confusing, and may become the downfall of the show!

    In the first season, the plot was slow and jumbled. Everyone watched just to see if it would actually lead somewhere. And to see if the plot would be defined.
    Season two comes along,; A writers strike later, and everyone is even more confused! Hey writers, how many dementios of time and space are you going to create?
    Well, that's all I've got to say about that for now.
    I AM here Now, I AM Then, and I AM in the future! That's LOST!
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    Posted: Mar 5 2008, 9:53 AM EST by fredewir
  • BLACK SMOKE Follow-Up to "Lost, Continent of Atlantis, Bermuda..." More to say. So lets say i'm right about everything in my previous post. Lost has always had themes of Good and Bad, after all, the DHARMA logo is an allusion to I'Ching, a principle rooted in opposites coming together in harmony. So if the Lost Island resulted from the electromagnetic "opposite" of the Bermuda triangle, this would maintain this theme. Also, we know there's something like a "box" that will produce anything, well, Locke desires. This is probably the character mentioned to be Jacob (maybe reference to story of Abraham, after all, this was in tonight's episode). So Jacob (or whatever) can do some crazy stuff, in keeping the theme of "opposites," this power must be equalized by something. Enter, BLACK SMOKE. This phenomenon, i think, is the result of the power of "the magic box." The smoke is the opposite of the box. Anyway, all-together now, i think some corporation (Hanso, Dharma, whatever) is trying to prevent the end of the world (Valenzetti equation). They found this island, and think that it is the key to continue the human race (Hanso, trying to save world, life extension project). Some events went on, whatever, now the others run things. I don't know, i'm tired of writing. Here's to this show coming to a damn conclusion sometime soon.
    Thread location: Show Theories
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    Posted: Apr 18 2007, 6:48 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • Global warming - the crucial element for conclusion? In lost season 5, people including faraday move across time. Daniel mentions that they could be either in the past, or the future. IF the moment the island disappeared was when they were moved to a future time, it could be said that the seawater level has risen above the island, while people thought the island was simply gone. The rising of the seawater level could be due to the melting of icebergs - global warming.
    According to many methods used by the director to evoke the audience's fear of being ignorant of mysteries on the island (like the smoky "monster" throughout the seasons), global warming is mysterious enough to terrify the audience (well this could be just my personal opinion). The variaty of ethnic groups such as asians, middle east, USA etc.. also share the universal fear - global warming.

    Please tell me what you think so i don't get carried away.. lol
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    Posted: Apr 2 2009, 11:30 AM EDT by jikooku
  • lmao Lost Island IS Purgatory If you have seen the very last episode then you must know for sure that the whole show took place in Purgatory. This is not unique. Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes also ended with the conclusion that it all took place in Purgatory. Its a very easy way for the writers to do just about anything and then not have to justify or explain it.
    So yes, the writers did lie from the outset.
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    Thread location: Purgatory
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    Posted: Apr 20 2011, 10:19 AM EDT by Fivish
  • The Third Policeman The book "The Third Policeman" has all the answers. It is referenced in season 2 orientation. My analysis is here
    Read the Wikipedia entry on this book and you may come up with the same conclusions as me.
    Thread location: Hallucination
    Posted: Apr 18 2010, 11:56 AM EDT by theycallmechief
  • It's probably for the best I am a big fan of Lost, but for some reason it comforts me to hearing about a planned conclusion. I hate when movies or television shows start off with great ideas and lead the audience towards a spectacular conclusion, but it ends horribly or it is cancelled because of low ratings. There are so many mysteries to be solved, and I don't want an abrupt ending without any answers. I think there is still potential and I think the show can redeem itself, and I think planning an ending is a very good idea, even if it's a few seasons away.

    Of course, that doesn't mean I'll miss it when it ends, but I'll feel satisfied with it.
    Thread location: The End?
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    Posted: Mar 4 2007, 4:45 PM EST by Anonymous
  • This show has a lot of life left I love Lost and have been a faithful viewer since the first episode. It's an incredible show and I'm glad to hear it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. I'm fine with dragging out the big answers. Give me clues and a few conclusive nuggets now and then and I'm happy to speculate and enjoy the ride! People are too impatient. If they answered all the big questions tomorrow the show would be immensely satisfying, of course, but then what would we do next Wednesday? Keep it going!
    Thread location: The End?
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    Posted: Feb 26 2007, 9:04 PM EST by Anonymous
  • Confirmation and Note Screw purgatory. I am a Dante scholar, an English lit scholar, and just a dude that knows that all the people at Lost are better than to screw us over with some supernatural bs that will leave us all mad about the hours we wasted giving a damn about the reality of Lostaway Island. I wish everyone would just listen to Damon and Carlton and remember that purgatory is NOT AN OPTION. Let's waste our over-reactive imaginations on better Lost conclusions, everyone. Thank you very much.

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    Thread location: Episode Guide: Season Three
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    Posted: May 1 2007, 11:05 PM EDT by Anonymous
  • LostPedia Owns You! Is that the royal we? Get busy and add more -- here's your chance to add your perspective and ideas, instead of just reading someone else's conclusions (however good/reasonable they are). And how, pray tell, does "color" that connects this site with ABC's Lost site equate to childishness?
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    Posted: Oct 10 2006, 5:10 PM EDT by Anonymous
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