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  • LaFleur Jumpsuit I've tried searching on here for this, and I can't find any threads on it. I KNOW I have seen a corpse with a Dharma jumpsuit and I KNOW that it had "LaFleur" written on it, and I have googled around hoping that someone out there saw the same thing, and there are others who saw it too, so I am not crazy. So, I just searched for a few hours, and I just cannot find it. I feel that whatever character discovered the body said something irreverent so I feel that the body was stumbled upon by either Hurley, Sawyer, or Charlie, and that it was a corpse that was displayed so that we would notice it. This is all I can remember. So I have tried racking my brain as to what scenarios may have had a corpse -- The arrow in "Catch 22"?, The Black Rock slave ship?, The Van Hurley gets going?, Saving Eko from the Polar Bear?, Hunting for Boar?, Rousseu's traps?, etc, etc. I can't find it. It could be anywhere. Does anyone else remember any other Dharma corpses besides the one in the van, the ones in the pit when Locke gets shot and gets out, and the polar bear cave?
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    Posted: Mar 28 2009, 6:41 PM EDT by neverb4
  • Is Charles Widmore Alvar hanso? It's evident that Charles Widmore has something to do with the Dharma initiative. Being the multimillionaire he is couldn'y he have created the Hanso Foundation under the alias "Alvar Hanso" for the sole purpose of funding the dharma intiative? he would then hide his involvement under layers of deceit.
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    Posted: Aug 9 2008, 3:06 PM EDT by Jkan_133
  • lost map by detailed map of the island
    Albums: Dharma Logos
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    Added: Jul 25 2008, 1:05 PM EDT by milkeman
    Last updated: Jul 27 2008, 4:14 AM EDT by Clancey
  • ORCHID Okay i am 85% sure i know the things behind this
    what falls from the ceiling is a lightbulb.
    the words that they say indicate that this is obviously
    a time travel station
    ok the light bulb falls
    "hallowax" what the
    people oh my god what is that
    "Its fifteen!!"
    oh my god dont let them near eachother
    what did you set the shift for
    negative 20
    how long
    nine mins but were still learning how t...
    Thread location: The Orchid
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    Posted: May 16 2008, 5:38 PM EDT by Amograpefruit
  • The numbers Notice the vaccines are the "cursed numbers" 4 8 15 16 23 and 42
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    Posted: May 8 2008, 8:43 AM EDT by JoeyR13
  • The Temple The temple is, according to Ben , a sanctuary, and the "last safe place left on the Island ". Richard led the Others to the Temple, under Ben's command. Later, Ben told Alex to flee to the Temple, fearing that the people from the Kahana
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    Last updated: Apr 20 2008, 4:03 PM EDT by #1LostFan
  • the others I dont think Danielle lied about the others controlling it, but the last time she was there was 16 years ago. The others probly abandoned it.
    Thread location: The Radio Tower
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    Posted: Mar 26 2008, 2:05 PM EDT by BenGman
  • The Tempest The Tempest supplies power to the Island , and also contains a toxic gas. Like some stations, it was built underground, with a bunker-like building as the entrance. Inside the Tempest is computers and electronic equipment. Goodwin worked at the
    Keyword tags: DharmaStationThe Tempest 
    Last updated: Mar 7 2008, 1:45 PM EST by #1LostFan
  • Did he actually blow it I don't think he did. He went INSIDE the sub and then we don't see him until he's being 'caught' red handed yet he's wet. If he blew up a sub by putting C4 inside or underneath (the only reason to be in the water to blow it) there would have been masses of BIG debris dropping down into the water and around those by the quayside. Personally I believe he went inside to see if he could figure how to use it, found out how and moved it further into the bay then swam back to the quayside and blew a section of the jette up, thus explaining why he's wet and also why the debris was minimal in light.
    Thread location: The Galaga
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    Posted: Mar 3 2008, 1:44 AM EST by 1stop4
  • hanso/juliet Does the Hanso Foundation have anything to do with Juliet? Was it the group that brought her to the island to study/research pregnancies?
    Thread location: The Hanso Foundation
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    Posted: Feb 17 2008, 6:06 PM EST by imalostie
  • Cammera Error The producers only put it on as a joke (Season 3 extras.) It was never meant to be seen by the audience.
    Thread location: Dharma Shark
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    Posted: Jan 31 2008, 9:42 AM EST by PhantomGirl
  • The Galaga Don't your ever wonder where they make up these words from?!! I have been looking at some of them and i found out the Galaga means something in Italian,Korean,and Bablyon. The only english definitions I could find is that it is some arcade game.....which doesn't relate to the show at all. Atleast not yet...hey maby it was that chess game they played on the computer! I don't know any other way they could make the show relate to a videogame. ideas? anyone?
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    Posted: Jan 24 2008, 1:39 PM EST by Jackcrazy
  • The Galaga The Galaga is a submarine that was owned by the Dharma Initiative before the Purge . It was used to travel to the Barracks , the Hydra , the Looking Glass , and the outside world. Ben , along with the rest of the Dharma Initiative arriv
    Keyword tags: DharmaSubmarineThe Galagathe OthersTransportation 
    Last updated: Jan 20 2008, 11:14 AM EST by #1LostFan
  • Dharma Van The Dharma Initiative used a fleet of VW buses as their transportation around the island. Roger Linus was killed by Ben inside a van during the Purge , at the Mesa, all during Ben's birthday. It was later discovered by Hurley , after Vin
    Keyword tags: DharmaDharma vanTransportation 
    Last updated: Jan 12 2008, 12:24 PM EST by #1LostFan
  • The Purge The Purge is an event that happened on December 22, sometime between the late 1980's-early 1990's. After a long conflict between the Dharma Initiative and the Hostiles . The Hostiles released a toxic gas at the Barracks , killing all the members
    Page location: Lost TV Show > Events > The Purge
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    Last updated: Jan 28 2010, 10:54 AM EST by lulamae
  • Room 23 For the Missing Pieces Episode "Room 23", click here . Room 23 is a room inside a building at the Hydra station . Both Karl and Walt were held at this location. This room is used for brainwashing, which Karl was forced to do. Ka
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    Last updated: Feb 8 2008, 3:31 AM EST by lulamae
  • The Incident This page is about the event. For the episode, see 5.16 "The Incident" . The Swan construction site is destroyed as a result of the Incident. The Incident was an event caused during the construction
    Page location: Lost TV Show > Events > The Incident
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    Last updated: Jan 25 2010, 3:16 AM EST by katia2525
  • Work In Progress Theory The Hanso Foundation is actually responsible for the existence of the Others (indirectly), the Monster (directly), Jacob (directly) and many aspects of the Island . As I see it, the Dharma Initiative was making good progress on accompli
    Keyword tags: dharmahansoJacobmonstertheory 
    Last updated: Oct 16 2007, 1:29 PM EDT by wetpaint
  • The Orchid The Orchid is a Dharma Station that is designed for time travelling experiments. However, it is a fake biotanical station, which housed a greenhouse on top of the actual station. An orientation video was shown at the 2007 ComicCon. It showed Dr.
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    Last updated: Aug 10 2009, 3:37 AM EDT by CallumObi
  • Pala Ferry The Pala Ferry is a dock. It was mentioned in the Pearl orientation video. Michael and Walt got on a boat at the dock. Ben said to follow the bearing of 325, and they will get rescued. Jack , Kate , Sawyer , and Hurley were also at
    Keyword tags: buildingdharmaPala Ferry 
    Last updated: Jul 17 2007, 10:05 AM EDT by #1LostFan
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