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  • Good question, Jaax. However, I have felt that the most important relationship has been between the three - Locke, Ben, and Jacob. I have always believed that Richard was Jacob. Ben hated his father, because his father hated him. He never had birthdays and when he first met Richard, who was not an other, and he asked Ben if he remembered birthdays, and told him to go back to the camp. Richard has never aged, while Ben has. Richard is with the others some times, but he is the one who told Locke that Ben was not as smart as he thought he was, and didn't know that much.

    There is also a relationship between Juliet and Ben. Ben loves Juliet, and she hates him, but she is still with him, and she won't leave him. She will leave Jack first. I feel that there is some relationship between Juliet and Ben that goes back to the past. I think that Juliet might have been on the island prior to this - maybe as Sarah (?) was that her name who was his only friend when he was little on the swings. I just know that Ben believes that she belongs to him, period!
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    Posted: Mar 26 2008, 7:15 PM EDT by First_Marti
  • Sun and Jin One of the married couples on the island, Jin and Sun's marriage is anything but simple. Sun did not tell Jin she could speak english, which caused a fight between them. Before the crash, Jin's work caused uneasiness between him and Sun. And w
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