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  • Daniel Faraday
    Added: Apr 3 2009, 7:08 PM EDT by #1LostFan
    here are some suggestions and ideas about the really important stuff of Lost how I think
    what about Richard Alpert.. Is he Highlander or why he doesn't become any older ?? idea is
    1......maybe Richard Alpert is a time traveller too..
    just like the other Losties Daniel, Charlotte ,Juliette, Sawyer,Miles ....
    but he is from the FUTURE (mybe from the year 2057) and he can control time travelling with a little gadget or gizmo or hanso he owns lol something like that .. and maybe Richard Alpert has been sent by the future Jacob to prevent bad things and guide people to become a better or a useful person or to realize their fates or destinies..
    cause it's still not cleared up from where or when Richard Alpert did appear
    that would make him extremly important for the whole Lost thing..

    2.In one episode we saw little Ben Linus arriving at the island with his dad ( The man behind the curtain).. The little girl friend of Ben called Any or smth like that..
    She could be the baby (daughter) of Horrace Goodspeed and his wife...
    Juliette braught her to life.... could she ?

    3.Another thing is .. what about Aaron ?? where is he ??
    Why KAte don't wanna talk 'bout ? what do u think ?

    4.Maybe a vulcanic eruption destroyed the big statue ?

    5.Jacob is not the smoke monster I think.. because Ben said he is a very ... man . and for me this indicates the info that Jacob is or was one single mind and not a collective nano super hybrid intelligence..
    The Smoke Monster is only there for one thing.. to keep intruders away from the temple..
    What is this temple ?? What is or was in there ? To know this would be great I think..
    must be very old .. -))))))

    6. And once again my favorite idea..Could Daniel Faraday be the son of Eloise (Ely) Hawking and Alvar Hanso..
    or better then that Daniel Faraday is Alvar Hanso -)))))))

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    Posted: Mar 11 2009, 9:28 AM EDT by Schachkopf26
  • who is daniel's mother? could daniel's mother be the woman with the white hair from desmond's "dream" and from the last episode that told ben that he has limited time to get everyone back to the island, or "god help us all."

    i think it's interesting that desmond and daniel are each other's constant.
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    Posted: Jan 27 2009, 1:55 PM EST by sleepyrobin
  • Jeremy Davies Birth Name: Jeremy Boring Born: October 8, 1968 in Traverse City, Michigan, USA Background Info: The son of children's author Mel Boring ("Davies" is his mother's maiden name). He is the second of four children, having an older broth
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