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  • The "Incident" Theory.. Egyptology, Religion, Science At the beginning of the episode, Jacob and the man sitting next to him disagree about the coming ship, the man says "they come, fight, destroy, corrupt, it always ends the same" Jacob says "it only ends once, anything before that is just progress"
    wasn't that a reference to humans ?
    we know that many species lived on this earth, and maybe after humans there will come a new species.. so when the man says "THEY come, fight, destroy, corrupt” its like a life cycle.
    the man is not happy with the new comers, and accuses Jacob that he brought them.. wait a sec !! isn't that satan's story from the bible, Koran, torah ?? because in the religious stories, satan was against the new comers "humans"
    it is clear since the beginning that Jacob and this man are different sides, one of them is the good and the other was the evil

    when we see Jacob was meeting the main characters of oceanic 815, watching them and making a slight contact with them since they were very young and through major incidents in their lives, that implies he was choosing them and already has them in mind, they were the CHOSEN ones, or if I may say "his disciples" that he will need for a certain thing on the island

    the piece of fabric on the wall in Jacob's quarters is clearly a drawing of Egyptian Sun worship, and the statue is an Egyptian under-world guard, so is Jacob a pharaoh?

    the end of the episode, when the explosion happens, or "the incident" I think its the Big-Bang, its the beginning of everything and I suppose that season 6 will have this message "the beginning of everything"
    It seems Jacob's plan for years is to get Oceanic 815 to the Island. so it’s not just an accident that the plane crashed. Does that mean no matter what Jack does, even if Desmond never pushes the button, that these people are all destined to wind up on the Island anyway?
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    Posted: May 14 2009, 10:33 AM EDT by Jon82
  • Kate is the worst ever.. by far Kate is the worst character on the show, she messes everything up and everyone forgives her for all the weird and dumb things she does and never stops to repeat the dumb things she does, i hope the writers find a way to end her character on the show sooooooooooon..

    -getting captured by the others although jack told her not to follow. and forcing them to surrender and hand-over their weapons.
    -stealing Aaron and not telling his grandmother about him.
    -playing with Sawyer's feelings, just using him when she obviously wants Jack.
    -killed her father. just cause she decided to.
    -pushing Jack to always make wrong decisions.
    -did not listen to John Locke when he welcomed her to his group. and he had to banish her.
    -got her childhood friend killed, and he had a family and a career, but she had to come into his life and get him killed
    -making all the wrong decisions and actions.
    -taking little Ben to the others, and soon will ruin Juliet and Sawyer's relationship.
    -and many many many others dumb things she did..
    she always has to ruin everything on the show !!!!
    congratulations Kate, the award for worst character on the show goes to you !
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    Posted: Apr 2 2009, 8:31 AM EDT by Jon82
  • Dead? did she like...die?
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    Posted: Apr 19 2008, 5:55 PM EDT by ScarClaw
  • Danielle Danielle Rousseau (The Actress: Mira Furlan and Melissa Farman) Occupation: Scientist Hails from: France Who she is: Danielle Rousseau was a member of a six person scientific expedition . She crashed on the Island in 19
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