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  • Kate is the worst ever.. by far Kate is the worst character on the show, she messes everything up and everyone forgives her for all the weird and dumb things she does and never stops to repeat the dumb things she does, i hope the writers find a way to end her character on the show sooooooooooon..

    -getting captured by the others although jack told her not to follow. and forcing them to surrender and hand-over their weapons.
    -stealing Aaron and not telling his grandmother about him.
    -playing with Sawyer's feelings, just using him when she obviously wants Jack.
    -killed her father. just cause she decided to.
    -pushing Jack to always make wrong decisions.
    -did not listen to John Locke when he welcomed her to his group. and he had to banish her.
    -got her childhood friend killed, and he had a family and a career, but she had to come into his life and get him killed
    -making all the wrong decisions and actions.
    -taking little Ben to the others, and soon will ruin Juliet and Sawyer's relationship.
    -and many many many others dumb things she did..
    she always has to ruin everything on the show !!!!
    congratulations Kate, the award for worst character on the show goes to you !
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    Posted: Apr 2 2009, 8:31 AM EDT by Jon82
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