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Mar 1 2009, 5:59 AM EST | Post edited: Mar 1 2009, 5:59 AM EST
Anna Lucia made a Cameo appearance in the beginning of Season 5 so anything is possible. However I doubt very much that AAA will reprise his role even for one episode. Being that it was his idea to leave the show in the first place. It's like I said on another blog on this site, you just need to except that all your likable characters will not all be together on the island solving mysteries or fighting enemies. Having too many actors on the show is what brings a show down, however I will say that choices of who to kill off as far as Lost is concern is a no-brainer. Mr. Ecko was the last important person left from the tail section of the plane topped off by the fact that he was an interesting and enjoyable character to watch. Where as characters like Claire Littleton has only survived as long as she has because of her baby are still alive. You just need to accept that you'll never see certain characters again when they get killed off and Mr. Ecko is probably the only example of that, being that everyone else that has ever been killed on the island that was of importance was seen again as a ghost or in a flashback sequence. Do you find this valuable?    
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