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Forbidden Planet...
Jun 23 2007, 6:58 AM EDT | Post edited: Jun 23 2007, 6:58 AM EDT
I have been saying since the first episode the monster sounds exactly like the monster in forbidden planet all the horns etc... no one will listen. Glad someone else sees some parallels. Watch the pilot again and listen to the sounds when the monster crashes thru the trees~FORBIDDEN PLANET MONSTER MUSIC. So my theory about the monster is very close to the "Id" of Morbius's subconcious harnessing the computer power to project the monster. But in Lost I believe it is some experiment about Astral projection, or something similiar, gone astray with multiple users therefore multiple end results. The whispers are the voices of those who do not have special abilities to manifest things ie... Jacks dad, Black Horse, Jacob? etc... all explainable to manipulate the LOSTIES. There are mutiple different monsters b/c of the multiple users{of astral projection experiment equipment} different personalities. 6  out of 7 found this valuable. Do you?    
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Jun 27 2008, 5:17 AM EDT | Post edited: Jun 27 2008, 5:17 AM EDT
its a good theory, but i am not sure if it is true or not. 1  out of 1 found this valuable. Do you?